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    The consistent ignorance of oral hygiene can lead to severe dental issues, which deteriorates the age of teeth. At this point, it is critical to understand consulting a dentist, periodontist or prosthodontist before losing tooth or facing damage of jawbone. Fallacious eating habits can worsen it. With new advancements, cosmetic dentistry introduced ‘Smile Designing’ or ‘Smile Makeover’ to help the patients restore their confident smile. Smile Garden Clinic has long-lasting solutions for missing, crooked or discolored teeth problems. 

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    Patients Internationally

    Smile Tourisms is one of the best clinics in Gurgaon, personalized with the latest 3D CBCT dental implant technology. We are serving many patients internationally with this 3D digitization technology and results are authentic. The surgery can be performed by computer stimulation with minimal incision and less pain.  This doesn’t require any unnecessary bone cutting or need for sutures.

    Advantages of Smile Design

    • High Satisfaction – With customized smile designing, you have an opportunity to restore your lost smile or confidence.

      Better oral hygiene – With proper treatment, you will have a better oral hygiene.

      Motivation – Smile design treatment will enhance your motivation towards the challenges or embarrassment you have been facing due to your dental problems. 

      Durability – If you maintain a proper maintenance after the treatment, it can last-long forever. As it also involves face alignment so you can have a satisfied appearance too.

      Better health – With the loss of tooth bone, it can lead to severe health issues. Thus, smile design treatment protects you from the same.

    Beautiful Smile Design

    Why Choose Us ?

    It is advisable to patients to undergo a procedure with the best orthodontist or oral experts only; otherwise it may lead to negative effects. Tooth decay is one of the most significant complications of smile design correction. It involves risks such as tooth discoloration, tooth sensitivity, periodontal disease, or other oral health problems. Experienced Orthodontists at Smile Garden Clinic comprehends the deep-penetrated knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and thus, we are committed to perform smile design procedure with perfection.

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    Smile Design treatment simply defines giving aestheticism to your beautiful smile. It emphasizes improving the appearance of the face, gums, lips and teeth. Over time, certain dental problems arise such as tooth decaying, tooth loosening, stains, discoloration and bacterial plague.

    If you are also the one who longs for a perfect smile, then visit one of the best dental clinics in India. Apart from examining the solutions for improving colors and textures of your teeth, the procedure also emphasizes on the face alignment and gums improvement with an aim to provide an impeccable smile makeover to the patients.

    The cosmetic dentistry in India helps to provide everlasting results whilst making your tooth and smile line proportionate; designing your flawless smile. Our professional orthodontist or cosmetic surgeon in India evaluates the functionality of your mouth and jaw before beginning any procedure. We also take the responsibility of after treatment care and accordingly they guide you.

    Furthermore, after successful evaluation of patient's reports and preparation of customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plans, with the use of digitalized technology, doctors will help you understand the post treatment results through photos of your smile. This is a complete analysis about what correction will be made during the process. Also, this is more than essential to understand every aspect of Smile Design treatment in India.

    .       Trimming or cutting enamel weakens the strength of the teeth.

    2.     Poor quality veneers can make your teeth sensitive to cold and hot temperatures.

    3.       Use of braces entirely depends upon your oral hygiene; don’t allow the bacteria to grow.

    4.       Facial alignment is a complex process; if not done by experienced doctors, it can give negative effects.

    5.       Use of excessive bleaching or chemicals on tooth enamel can weaken it, it can cause hypersensitivity.

    Customer Testimonials

    Md Tousif

    This is one of the best dentistry in Gurgaon, all of them are very professional. He carefully treats the teeth of patients. World class service equipment Smile Garden Dental Implant Centre..Best specialist for all types of dental problems

    Amrit Singh

    Very professional service. I got my root canal done in just 2 sittings. No pain or issues. Got crowning too nicely done.. Thanks Smile Garden Dental Implant Center in Gurugram Sector 38

    Diya Sharma

    Excellent and Compassionate dentist. He is professional and pioneer doctors, very friendly staff in " Smile Gardern Dental Clinic". Highly recommended for all dental treatment.

      Why is Smile Garden Clinic the Best Dental Clinics in Gurgaon ?

      If you have planned to make your smile aesthetically beautiful and restore self-confidence, the Smile Design treatment at Smile Garden Clinic is there for all the support. Our healthcare orthodontists have attended more than 5000 patients and solved their dental problems. We have “India’s top dentists” who are highly skilled and experienced in the Smile Garden Dental Implant Center.

      You must seek the right cosmetic dentist because smile design is a priceless decision in regaining what you have been missing in your life. Book an appointment with India’s top cosmetic orthodontist near Gurgaon !

      Advance And Affordable Dental Treatment In Gurgaon

      At Smile Garden Clinic, we can offer you affordable prices that suit your pocket irrespective of the fact; smile design treatments may not cover all insurance plans. Since a patient’s treatment is individualized depending on the severity of one’s dental problem, accordingly we will offer customized dental treatment plans with long-term solutions. For bridges, crowns or veneers, you might need to replace after a span of 8-10 years which is not a heavy cost only if it is advised by an expert.

      Smile Garden Clinic Is International Patient’s Choice

      This is a one-stop dental clinic in Gurgaon for resolving all dental problems. More than 5000+ patients have taken treatment nationally and internationally. We are the first choice of our international clients. Our team of dental healthcare experts ensures you a worthy experience with us. With an aim to make you look younger and improve your self-confidence, we are committed to implementing effective dental procedures and giving you a comprehensive guide for aftercare oral routine. 

      Still confused about the best treatment plan for you ?

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