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    Our Painless Root Canal Services

    The process of repairing damaged or infected tooth instead of removing them is called Root Canal. In earlier days, it used to be a very painful treatment but nowadays due to dental advancement and anesthesia, it has relieved the pain. This involves cleaning of the canals inside a tooth’s root.


    Patients Internationally

    Smile Garden Clinic is one of the best clinic in Gurgaon, personalized with the latest Root Canal technology. We are serving many patients internationally with this 3D digitization technology and results are authentic. We are ranked first dental clinic in India and abide by our values, knowledge and expertise.

    Advantages of Root Canal

    1.   Prevents tooth loss- Tooth extraction can lead to different dental problems. Dealing with decayed tooth or cavity with ‘Root Canal’ treatment can be a permanent and natural solution.

    2.   Prevents infection of adjacent teeth– Removing infected pulp through endodontic treatment can prevent the spread of bacteria to adjacent teeth.

    3.   Virtually pain-free procedure– Extracting a decayed tooth or bearing the consequences of not getting treatment on time can be more painful compared to Root Canal. Also, with the latest technologies and effective anesthesia, it is pain-free for the patients.

    4.   Prevents jawbone loss– It is an unimaginable pain after a jawbone loss and moreover the problems one could deal with. Thus, timely root canal can prevent your tooth and support you to rejoice your favorite food.

    5.   Cost-effectiveness– As compared to root canal treatment, tooth extraction is a lengthy procedure involving a higher amount. Requirement of dentures, bridges or dental implants will exceed the budget.

    6.   Improves overall health- With the improvisation of oral health, root canal also prevents the major issues related to individual’s health like dealing with conditions including heart disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, and gastrointestinal infections.

    Painless Root Canal

    Why Choose Us ?

    For decades, ‘Root Canal’ has been considered a painful procedure but with the advancement of technology, Smile Tourisms has appropriate and effective solutions for your dental problems. In Smile Garden Dental Implant Center, experience and knowledge is the root of all. With over 10+ years of expertise into this field, our dental experts have reached to the level of mastery and provided virtually pain-free experience of Root Canal to many patients worldwide. Don’t wait longer with your decayed tooth, get it treated today at the top ranked dental clinic in Gurgaon.

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    Since it is not considered to be a cosmetic dentistry procedure, health insurance covers the dental problem cost depending on the condition of your tooth. In case of accidental injury to a natural tooth/teeth, Root Canal is payable excluding dental implants.

    Root canal alternatives include extracting the damaged tooth, no further treatment, or replacing the tooth with a dental implant, bridge or removable partial denture. However, tooth extractions are a permanent loss of a natural tooth and dental prosthesis is the only solution for continuing oral functions - chewing, speaking, and dental alignment. Also, at this point it becomes more essential to get a dental implant to prevent adjacent teeth. At Smile Tourisms, you don’t need to worry about any treatment as our specialized team will provide a worthy experience at pocket-friendly costs.

    Any condition which is severe is causing an emergency and advisably, you must contact your nearby endodontist. When inflamed or infected dental pulp inside a tooth swells up and there is pus oozing from around the tooth, this means the tooth is severely damaged. You might experience tooth or gum discoloration, extreme sensitivity, or severe pain while chewing. The common reason for this severity is that the tooth has gone untreated for too long and now the pain is unbearable.

    Customer Testimonials

    Sonam Sethi

    Experience was so nice .. Had multiple missing tooth , after 7 days treatment now feeling very well ! Thanks Team Smile 🙂 you give me my smile back

    Amrit Singh

    "If you are in or around Gurgaon and suffering from teeth related problems of any kind, you must visit Rai Dental Implant Center. The reason is simple. You will get your …"

    Diya Sharma

    Very good doctors and good treatment, Smile Garden Dental Implant Center in Gurugram Sector 38 treats patients with care. and good staff.

      Why is Smile Garden Clinic the Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon?

      At Smile Garden Clinic, our specialized endodontists are extensively trained for eliminating the lifelong fear and trauma related to the treatment of Root Canal. With their deep-penetrated knowledge about dentistry, there will be effective pain-free treatment emphasizing on the cleaning of the canals entirely and to forbid any bacterial-growth in the future. It is the best dental clinic in Gurgaon making this complex treatment easier with their years of practice and use of latest technology. Our customer service department is 24/7 ready for handling emergency calls.

      Advance And Affordable Dental Treatment In Gurgaon

      Saving the tooth t or Root Canal treatment depends on the seriousness of the infection caused by bacteria on pulp of the tooth’s housing nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. In some cases, it gets swollen. The cost of Root Canal treatment in Gurgaon starts from Rs. 3500 excluding the cost of number of sessions and positioning of teeth. Endodontists at Smile Tourisms follow a necessary procedure before beginning the treatment and you may get an affordable cost depending upon the condition of your tooth. For repeated dental treatments, we have distinct medical plans. Our India’s best dentists are devoted to reverse the damage and inflammation of the pulp causing pain. 

      Smile Garden Clinic Is International Patient’s Choice

      We are abided by our values, procedures, knowledge and commitments towards our prestigious clients residing all over the world. In these 10 years of experience, we have made an identity of being the world’s best dentists in abroad nations. Our specialized team of endodontists has taken the responsibility of providing pain-free treatments with the help of advanced technologies. Root Canal treatments being the long-lasting solutions for your oral and overall health will be worthy with us.

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