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Dr Navneet Kaur is a professional dentist with innate ability to interact and connect with people. A well trained Periodontist with thorough exposure to clinical Periodontology, teaching and training environment and an enthusiastic participant in many research journals, abreast with latest concepts in periodontal medicine and disease management. Academically poses an array of degree and certifications, with an exceptional ability in quality and achieving total patient satisfaction. Self motivated with strong work ethics and ability to understand and size critical issues. Proficient administrative skills coupled with familiarity with clinical practices and procedures. She is capable of working under acute pressure and stress equipped with systematic and problem solving skills.

Education & Training

Check out the education and training of Dr Navneet, the lead dentist at Smile Garden Dental Implant Center. 

Area of Expertise

Check out the area of expertise Dr Navneet Kaur, the lead dentist at Smile Garden Dental Implant Center. 

Customer Testimonials

Sonam Sethi IVF Clinic Meerut

My teeth were in a very bad shape, heard a lot about Smile Garden Dental Implant Center in my country, many of friends had already has some treatment here, so I decided to fly in and get my teeth back in shape as well, and i am highly satisfied with the results"

I went to smile garden dental clinic for my wisdom tooth surgery. The people of the clinic are very polite and gentle. The surgery was completely painless. Superb services combined with excellent skill of the doctors.

Diya Sharma Software Developer

Good doctor । Good treatment ।।They are following proper hygiene । Implant done for my mother it was painless treatment। My mother is happy now। She got her beautiful smile back at age of 68। Thank you so much Smile garden Team।।।

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